HR 875 and Hype
No One Expects
Whew, there are a lot of people out there making statements about this bill without reading the full text. Out of context, certain sections do make it appear that some serious big brother shit is going on. You have to read and assimilate the WHOLE THING.

It is not going to be verboten to grow your own food or to give away food you grow. It will be more complicated, and potentially more expensive, to sell homegrown produce, slaughtered animals or animal products and seafood. It is not going to infringe upon your right to practice your religion. It will make it virtually impossible for a peanut processing plant to intentionally ignore salmonella contamination.

Read the full text, decide what is most important to you, then let your representatives know.

As always:
Your Survival May Depend Upon Your Reading Comprehension


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