HR 875 and Hype
No One Expects
Whew, there are a lot of people out there making statements about this bill without reading the full text. Out of context, certain sections do make it appear that some serious big brother shit is going on. You have to read and assimilate the WHOLE THING.

It is not going to be verboten to grow your own food or to give away food you grow. It will be more complicated, and potentially more expensive, to sell homegrown produce, slaughtered animals or animal products and seafood. It is not going to infringe upon your right to practice your religion. It will make it virtually impossible for a peanut processing plant to intentionally ignore salmonella contamination.

Read the full text, decide what is most important to you, then let your representatives know.

As always:
Your Survival May Depend Upon Your Reading Comprehension

This started out as a reply to a very valid question posted by kid_lit_fan here, but it got long and I thought that she might not be the only one asking, so...

There are some people to whom no argument will ever appeal. There are still enough parents who disown their queer kids, or believe that sexual orientation is a choice, or think that homosexual sex is just to yucky to be legal, or think that we should legislate their bible, or who find it threatening, or don't/can't/won't understand the difference between homosexuality and pedophelia

There are a lot of people who will not listen to reason or logic if it is counter to their presently held beliefs and who think that faith is more important than thought. This video is not for them.

This video is for the people who don't already get that homosexual marriages (and families) are exactly like heterosexual marriages and that discrimination doesn't just hurt the couples. It's to bring to people who don't quite get it on their own that it is abominable to divorce people against their will. It's also putting the language out there.

Millions of people are under the impression that this is a semantic argument, that "marriage" is for straights and "civil unions" are for gays but that all the same rights are granted (and that "civil unions" actually exist on some kind of reasonable scale). A marriage between two living partners ends in DIVORCE which most of the population easily associates with pain and expense and turmoil and shame. A civil union is dissolved or invalidated, words which are more likely to be associated with cleaning products and paperwork errors. I'd rather my marriage didn't sound like something that can be washed away.

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

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Also, I have a real live interview with a genuine business. I'd be (will be?...please?) the scheduler for a home care agency.

Please everyone think really good thoughts at me. I, for my part, will not fall down at their feet and beg them to take me on but instead will act personable, savvy and exquisitely hireable.

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Self cleaning ovens are magical. It made about a half a cup of solidly baked on turkey grease disappear. I take back every thought I've ever had that I'd prefer a gas oven/stove over electric.

Completely magic.

Now for something educational

Get the latest news satire and funny videos at

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No One Expects

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

If you would like to add your name to a letter to the Supreme Court asking that they overturn Prop 8 you can do so here:

To see more of the photo project, the slideshow is here: some of the pictures are really good.

If you would like to send in a photo with your sign, you can email it to

Library Manners
So what do you do about a woman who, every 15 minutes or so gets up from her workstation, goes into the public bathroom and wails as loud and as hard as she can for about ten minutes? When I go in to check on her she hides in a stall and pretends not to be there, at first I was afraid she was having a seizure or slitting her wrists, but eventually she comes out looking right as rain and goes back to her workstation.

Bid for attention? Social science experiment?


Can't Rain on My Parade
Phooey on all the naysayers.

I love our new President.

I am positively giddy that our President is more intelligent and better spoken than I am.

I get chills of awe that we have someone in the Oval Office who has a clue what uncertainty and hardship and discrimination are about.

I roll my eyes at all the silly, silly predictions of doom over ending the war and redistribution of wealth and healthcare for all. Fools I say, the people who are frothing to pick over any nuance to find something not to like.

Think about it for a minute. I bet you don't even like every single little thing you yourself do.

I have hope. I believe in positive changes to come.

For perhaps the first time in my life I understand what people are talking about when they say they are Proud to be an American.

So go take a piss in your own Cheerios ye bitter conservatives, mine are inviolable.

I'm the Green Fairy
So, absinthe. Lovely green drink which tastes of anise and fairy dust.

This year, at Dickens' Fair, I am not only pushing your standard legal intoxicants, I am pushing absinthe.

Absinthe? you say, real absinthe? But isn't that illegal? Won't it make me hallucinate, get addicted, write tortured poetry and die?

Yes it is real and legal, but since we are not engaging in the semi-traditional addition of laudanum those pesky 19th century side effects fall under the heading of 'Not Christmassy Enough' and are therefore banished. What is real however is the wormwood and the 10ppm of thujone it adds to the mix. What this means for you, my pushees, is that the sluggish is taken out of your drunk.

And that's what makes it so sparkly.

So come on down and tell your friends, you'll find us in the darkest corner next to Mad Sal's Bar, glowing green.

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I am getting a little numb to hearing about more people being laid-off. Part of me says, "well at least it's not just me," and the rest of me says "fuck, more competition."

I got a phone interview for a job today (yesterday now). Yet another office that laid off 6 people and wants one person to replace them all. At least I didn't have to get dressed up for it.

Oh please, ye employed, point out to your bosses, your HR departments, your office managers, that you can not hire one person to do bookeeping, reception, sales, marketing, IT and administration. This goes double if you have more than about 15 employees or any kind of call volume whatsoever. Also, as a general rule, salespeople are not bookkeepers and IT people don't do marketing. At least, if you are going to overload one desperate individual, consolidate jobs which make sense together.

With luck, I will soon have a job where I don't have to do payroll and change diapers, or manage shipping and do tarot readings, or do cold calls and collections call. I don't want to have to do the boss's laundry or take their kids to the orthodontist. I do want fair pay and dignity. I don't want that to be too much to ask for.

So, I'm putting it out there. Dear Universe, Dear Santa, Dear Hannukah Fairy, I'm wishing for a job by New Years.

No One Expects
New LJ styles. New userpic too.

You know what else is shiny? Christmas.

Especially when you add absinthe.

Which is what you can get shortly at Dickens' Christmas Fair.

First weekend I can get you in free, after that I can get you in cheap.

First Buttered Rum is on me.

Hopefully not literally (again).


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